Google Doodle..That boy looks older than the grandad

Friday, December 26, 2008

There is a series of doodle from google for this festive season. This is my side of the story.

Grandad working effortlessly under the basement to create a transformation machine . The intention was to create a machine that can transform any junk into anything that he wanted it to be.Then, came his grandchild asking a lot of questions from grandad. Grandad is quite tired and he just open one eye so that the other eye can sleep while he explained about the technical functionalities and the technical aspect of that transformation machine to the boy. Boy looks sleepy because he couldn't understand what the old man mumbles about.

The boy is eager to see the machine to function so he grabbed grandad by shoulders and said " Now, show me what that thing can do. Don't waste my precious time. I want to go to sleep early today. Maybe Santa will bring a better present for me than yours. Hurry up pop! " So the old man quicly grabbed anything that he could find on the table and put it into the machine hole. But in his head, he have no idea what is he doing.

Something bad happened but grandad keeps his cool and explain once again to the boy why the smoke comes out and everything especially about the red lightning. But the boy shuggered and said "I already knew this thing would happen. No need to explain. Every kids in the world like to see smoke and lightning. It's like fireworks to them. And if nothings come out from the transformation engine, I wouldn't mind at all."

Pheww..Grandad is relieved! After staying under the basement for the whole month / year he actually did it and make his grandchild proud of him and not of Santa. A toy soldier, that is not bad at all. And if he created a bigger machine , he could make a ferrari or anything that he can think off.

By the way, did you notice that the boy looks older than the second and third picture. Emm..Maybe, it takes quite some years for grandad to finish his creation I guess.


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