My First Marathon

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chinese Cemetery at Bukit Cina

I know it is quite too late already to blog about my first marathon experience. But, it was an amazing experience and there is no way I would let the experienced slipped from my mind. I must jot it down somewhere. The blog is the best place to jot it down coz I can share it with anyone who wanted to take marathon as their preferred sport.

Since I was a child years ago, I always followed my father wherever he jogs at Hutan Rekreasi, Taman Majlis Perbandaran and even at the Chinese Cemetery in Bukit Cina, Melaka. Personally I prefer Bukit Cina. Bukit Cina has a really nice trail and from the top of it, you can see the South China Sea and most of Melaka Town eg, Mahkota Parade, A Famosa, Stadhuys etc. I will always be happy whenever my father invited me to join his run.

After I started working as government officer in Putrajaya and getting married to my beautiful wife, I have stopped jogging and running. I became a couch potato. I always get sick easily and the worst part is, I'm getting fat ! Then one day, a flash in the pan struck me. I have forgotten the running experience especially the wonderful experience running at Bukit Cina. I have forgotten how my sweat use to smell after running, I have forgotten the joy of running beside my father. I have forgotten it all. I have forgotten the joy of running.

Immediately a week after that, I return to my home town Melaka and in the evening I went to Bukit Cina. I can't believed that I can still see the same uncle and other runners which when I first saw them , I was still a child, still running strong around Bukit Cina. I missed them. I said hello and gave my smile to them while I'm running. I run slowly from the start until finish and I can't believed that I can conquest Bukit Cina even without proper training. Unfortunately, I'm half dead after I finish the run, but at the top of Bukit Cina, I spoke to my self that one day I will run a marathon and kept my body healthy again for marathon. The training for marathon started immediately after that day.

That day came. On 29th March, me and my wife left from Bandar Seri Putra, Selangor at noon and arrived at Quality Hotel, Jln Tuku Abd Rahman about 40 minutes later. After we check in, we went to FTAAA Office to pick up the racing kits. It is quite chaotic but it was proper managed. I got a lot of marathon tips from the officials. Thank you guys. Later we went shopping at Bukit Bintang and I carbo load my self with rice and bread. Both my legs felt heavy after the shopping, but when I look at my wife, she seems the she can went shooping for another round! Emmmmm..Maybe one day I will persuade her to join marathon with me. Hahaha!

At night, we went back to the hotel. My wife ask me to sleep so I will felt fresher for the run tomorrow. But the anxiety kept me awake until 3.30 AM. I am certainly can't sleep. Then I told my wife that I'm going to the starting line which is about 500 meters from the hotel.

The starting line..

To be continue...

I will continue tomorrow okay. I'm getting sleepy now


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