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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am veteran in this whole internet world. Why? Maybe because I am the one in a million who got the chance to use the old Hotmail. Back then, Hotmail was the most talkabout application in the internet similar to Google nowadays. In the "old days" everybody wanted to use Hotmail but we didn't know what Hotmail really is. The word "email" and "Hotmail" , is like a very boombastic word for us and many consider the words are the same.

These were the situation in the earlier days of internet revolution :

1. I want to Hotmail that person tonight. (This is common at that time)

2. People get confused on how to express their excitement. Yahoo had patented their trademark. So to avoid being sued. The words Yahoo are seldom use by the world population. Later, the company Yahoo put the exclamation mark (!). So people now, has started to use the word Yahoo again.

3. You can hear someone claimed that Rocketmail is better than Hotmail. And Bigfoot is better than both of them. And some email apps eg: Bigfoot, allows you to use their "disguised" domain name but still hosted at the same domain. But some people say , Bigfoot use "email forwarding technology". I have no idea.

4. In 1996-1997, these were my email address : 1), 2) But I forgot both password already.

So people, please do come often to my blog and take a peek inside. For me, to blog is to enjoy the internet .... again.


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