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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The running fees, running shoes, transportation, (registration, event) the accomodation if the event is held outside Selangor or KL..Phew! Quite a lot of money to spend for just one event. And the worst part is, no one sponsored me.But as a runner, I love to run and challenge my self with other runners. It is part of my life that I can't live without.
If someone ever ask me about the RM that I have spent, I usually said, it is money well spend because you get a lot of goodies. But I know for sure that, I deserved the goodies, the free 100 plus, the free Milo, t-shirt, vest, or whatever they put in the bags. Damn sure!

So, what's your relationship with money? You may identify more than one :
1.You earn plenty of money, but spend it even faster than you earn it.
2.You make a reasonable amount and muddle through, but don't really feel on top of things financially.
3.You sit tight on your money and agonize about every expense.
4.You can handle the day-to day stuff but the bigger things such as pensions and investments are a mystery.
5.You don't have any idea how to organize your money. You feel out of control when it come to your finances.
6.You're always broke and when you feel down, spend money you don't have.
7.You have a very low income and you're sick of struggling.
8.You're always borrowing money from friends or family.Taking out loans or running up overdrafts.
9.You have no idea how much you actually owe, but it's probaly a lot.
10. You feel ashamed of the mess you make with money and yet you're reluctant to seek help.


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