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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let us continue with our learning on How to use EPSA Intan. I hope that you all have received the username and password from EPSA administrator by now because you are going to need it to login to EPSA's portal. Let's continue.

1. Please login as below. Type the url : and enter your Username and Password2. After login (if you still can't, then you will have to contact EPSA's adminstrator) the page below will comes out. Congratulations! Now you are an EPSA's official student. After you successfully login and the page comes out, please click at the button where I have marked it in red written with CLICK HERE

3. After you click the button you will be presented with the page below. You will have to Search for your Courses by clicking the circled button labelled as Search Catalog.4. After you click the Search Catalog button, the page below will pops-out. Click at the arrow beside the Drop Down button and choose Course. I have highlighted the button for your easy reference.5. Click Search and all courses that available will be listed at the table below. Just choose your course by clicking on the course label. Finally, just click Enroll. That's it! Done.

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