Preparation for Research Methodology Exam

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Everyone.

I wanted to post an update for anyone that might be following my situation . As you know , I am in the midst of preparation for my Research Methodology exam this Friday at Intan Bukit Kiara.

For your information, for the QA course, we were split into 10 groups and each group consists of 10 people with different background of work. We were the last group (Group 10). As the last group, we are always the last in anything that we did but not today. Interesthing happens to our group today as we were pick as the best group that present the best research proposal for RM course and we got the best presenter as well.

Heroes always arrive late. :)

Update on my training schedule

Better- Fatigue (this started when I start doing rope skipping for 500 times without stopping.

-Twitches- My calves and thighs muscle twitching feels as though it is less frequent and not as big.

Muscle soreness- This is better but not resolved. The stiffness is also better but not resolved.


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