Putrajaya Night Marathon Is Getting Nearer

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Since I attended the course Quantitative Analysis at Intan Bukit Kiara, I often missed the opportunity to practice running. As you all already knew, the date for Putrajaya Night Marathon is getting closer but all I can say is that my preparation for the event is only 50%. I also felt less confident to participate in this event.

For your information, classes usually end at 5.00 pm but nearly everyday it will be followed by group discussion that sometimes can take hours. The return journey from Intan Bukit Kiara to Bandar Seri Putra also takes 1 hour. By the time I arrived at home, it is almost 7.30pm. What to do, got no time to train and run.

So to maintain my fitness an optimum level and to prevent my lung from forgetting how to breath heavily and my leg muscles from forgetting how to survive on the road for 3 hours non-stop, I am skipping rope 2000 times every night before bed. This is the only way I can train. So sad :(


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